October 25, 2014

"Ordinary Beautiful". Juried Art Show

I am honored to get into another Art Show in Harrisonburg, Virginia. This one has a theme of "Ordinary Beautiful". It is at a new gallery space in the Church of the Incarnation. They have this space for artists in the hopes of bringing art to many.
I came in second place which was awesome. I received prize money and a gift certificate to a local restaurant which was unexpected. My painting sold which was amazing.
The young lady who purchased my work is really sweet. I just meet her to give her my painting. Although I know she will take great care of my work, it is still a little sad letting one of my "babies" go. I spoke to my daughter (number one baby...haha) soon after. She gave me many encouraging words. I wonder if all artists have a tough time letting go.....hum.
Enjoy the things that you have but remember they are only things. It is your family and friends that are the true treasures.

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  1. Good morning Pamela!... My first visit... a pleasant "find"!

    Love your truly wonderful principles... just as much as this superbly planned and executed diptych!

    Good Fall Painting!
    Warm regards,