November 13, 2014

Pet Portraits.............

 Drawing animals is a very interesting thing for me, especially someone's pet. I know that the owner and his or her companion have a special bond with each other. It is a very real and honest love. The eyes are a sure way for me to capture that connection. 
It has been said that the eyes are the window to the soul.(Shakespeare). 
     Thanks for looking. 
Now go hug your love, whether or not they have two or four legs.

October 25, 2014

"Ordinary Beautiful". Juried Art Show

I am honored to get into another Art Show in Harrisonburg, Virginia. This one has a theme of "Ordinary Beautiful". It is at a new gallery space in the Church of the Incarnation. They have this space for artists in the hopes of bringing art to many.
I came in second place which was awesome. I received prize money and a gift certificate to a local restaurant which was unexpected. My painting sold which was amazing.
The young lady who purchased my work is really sweet. I just meet her to give her my painting. Although I know she will take great care of my work, it is still a little sad letting one of my "babies" go. I spoke to my daughter (number one baby...haha) soon after. She gave me many encouraging words. I wonder if all artists have a tough time letting go.....hum.
Enjoy the things that you have but remember they are only things. It is your family and friends that are the true treasures.

July 25, 2014

"Local Landmarks" juried Art show

In Harrisonburg, Virginia, there are wonderful places to
display your Art work. 
Harrisonburg has a great art community.
One of the galleries to try to get in the door is Larkin Arts.
The gallery space is very personal and clean and has wonderful light.
Larkins had a call for artists to a juried art show
several weeks before July 1st. 
The theme of the show is Local Landmarks.
37 pieces were entered and they selected 13. 
I am happy to say that my piece called "Wetsel Reflections" was selected. Yea!
To find out more about this, go to 
I have posted several pics that show the progression of my piece. 
As always, thanks for stopping by!

July 4, 2014

Painted Barns, on Rt. 11 near Mt. Crawford, VA

     I pass these Red Barns everytime I travel up route 11 towards 
Harrisonburg.....and everytime I pass them, I say to myself or to the person in the car with me, usually it is my husband Greg, that I need to draw or paint them. They are so charming. I can imagine the person painting them. I imagine the pumpkins when first painted were more of a bright 'pumpkin ' color, but over the years it has faded to "peach".
Here are some pics showing my process. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

In Remembrance....

My friend's pet dog, Reno, passed away recently. Hopefully this will be a nice remembrance for her. 
This was my first dog drawing. I used colored pencils and black pen. I worked the pencils with the hope that his fur would shine. I am happy with the results. 
Thanks for looking!