May 8, 2011

Artist Reception May 6th

I would like to Thank everyone that came to my

Artist Reception last night;

the ones that came in from out of town,

the ones that rushed over after work,

the ones that stayed 'til the end,

the ones that brought my mom,

the ones that gave me the nerve to do an

impromptu tv interview,

the ones that bought something(:,

Thanks again to all my Family and Friends!!!

Here are some photos.

This is my husband Greg,

whom I owe a big Thank you too.

He is my carpenter for the frames

and the installation of the art.


I don't have a pic with my daughter, but she was there.

She was the first reason for me to do this Art Show.

Go here to see my interview. Josh Knight from Channel 3

interviewed me. I was so nervous.

I had no idea this was going to happen.
He just showed up because his

station manager thought it would be

a nice story to put on the news.

I was so thankful for the attention.
It was truly a fun evening.

Thanks for sharing this with me!!
Here is a photo of my large painting. 42" x 48"

This one is Goshen Pass.

All my work is for sale and some has sold already.

I will post the prices next to each drawing or painting.

All my work is available as prints.

Each 4 x 6 is mounted on a 5 x 7 Black card stock.

Those are $5.00.

They look great framed and grouped as

several together.Contact me if interested in any item.
This was half of the Journey, now I will be up and running for the second half.
Thanks for sharing this time with me!

May 4, 2011

Countdown to Art Show!

I hope that those who can come to my show will. I am really looking forward to it. I will post lots of pic's this weekend. And if you can't make it, I will let you know how it went. Here is a painting that is on display in the front window of the Clementine Cafe. My husband Greg and my daughter Laura really helped me out on Sunday. We hung all of my Art and placed the labels underneath them. I owe them a tremendous "Thank you!".