June 19, 2012

Painting- week 32

Nest: a snug retreat or refuge; resting place; home. 
This is my latest painting. I am going to do a series of these. They will sell for $45.00. The size of the canvas is 6" x 6". The painting carries over to the 1 1/2" outside edges.
I am hoping to put these in the local "art" shops in town.
My idea for these paintings came about when in one of the barberry bushes in front of my house we discovered a birds nest with small eggs inside. I loved the way the "mommy" bird had nestled her small home between the branches. A week or so went by and before we knew it the birds had hatched and were gone, isn't that the way, time just seems to fly. I wanted to do a series of these with one or more eggs in the nest to represent the people you may have in your home.
I am taking custom orders, even if you are a empty nester there is a painting for you.
So, how many do you have in your Nest?